Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Double Page Spread

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Magazine Front Cover

Here are the images that i took for my Photo-shoot. I tried to vary the shot angles and the type of images that i took so that i could meet the relevant conventions of a music magazine. The ones that i eventually will use on my magazine are highlighted with ticks and the ones i wont use are marked with a cross. I am happy with the majority of my images and i feel i will be able to implement them effectively within my magazine.
Now i have carried out my research and gained a greater understanding of the approach i should take and what the target audience will want, i can now progress to my photoshoot. Through my research i have learnt the shot types that are conventionally used within music magazines and therefore, i will use this knowledge and apply it to the images i take. In addition to this, i also have learnt what sort of mood my audience will approve of and  i will try and capture this within my shots.