Friday, 22 October 2010

For this practice magazine, i used Photoshop to create my cover. I decided this would be a useful time to explore the features within Photoshop and become familiar with the tools and features that are available within the program. I began by selecting my conventional mid-shot image. Once i had done this, i used the image modification tools such as contrast and saturation. Resultantly, i ended up with a black and white image and really liked the effect this had as it gives the image an added attitude and mood. Due to the black and white appearance i decided to maintain this throughout the design, hence the use of black and white text. Overall, i was reasonably pleased with this design however, in future productions i will hope to incorporate colour into the design as this is a more visually appealing choice and is also the route in which other existing magazines follow and more importantly successful magazines follow.

1 comment:

  1. Nice, moody shot but you haven't quite capitalised on it by creating a headline story with anchorage that fixes its meaning. Also, I'd suggest adjusting your text size. That masthead really needs to be much bigger, for example...